Bird watching:

We have over 200 recorded species and counting, but you will have to be patient.


Ann’s Villa is situated on a 450 hectare farm which you might wish to explore at your own risk. Please note that there are cattle grazing so closing gates behind you is essential. Consult with the manager before heading off so you know where you can walk, and do not leave without a bottle of water, a hat and proper walking shoes. The easiest walk with great views is up the road.

You may visit the historical grave yard at Ann’s Villa.

For Children:

Visit Harry Potter’s room under the stairs where he has been reported to occasionally stay.

Boer War:

There is an original redoubt on the farm of Ann’s Villa where you can sit and imagine what it must have been like to sit as a lookout and wait for some unsuspecting opposition soldiers. You can travel over the Zuurberg in the footsteps of Smuts and if you are a real devotee of the war you can explore the Denis Reitz book and try and find the route that the Boer commando travelled through the Kommadagga valley and over the Zuurberg. It is largely an exercise of the imagination but it’s fun if you enjoy history.

Addo Elephant Park:

We are close to Addo elephant park and even closer to its Zuurberg mountain section. You can drive to the main gate of Addo via Paterson. It will take you about three quarters of an hour. You can spend the day in Addo and return to the Villa in the late afternoon in time for your sundowners on the verandah.

You can go on guided horse trails in the greater elephant Addo park ranging from 1-5 hours.

4x4 over the Zuurberg Pass:

The Zuurberg Pass is ideal for 4x4 enthusiasts as it is challenging and suitable only for 4x4 vehicles, mountain bikes and off road motorbikes. You can see the endemic Oldenbergia tree found only on the Zuurberg, experience unique weather patterns and tick off having crossed one of the most unusual and challenging mountain passes in the Eastern Cape.

Somerset East:

Drive to Somerset East for the day and explore the heritage of the area. Visit the reputedly ghost infested old parsonage museum and the Walter Battiss art museum. The little town has social upliftment projects, an annual biltong festival and 4x4 trails.

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