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488.jpgThe blacksmith museum at Ann’s Villa is situated in its original location which was modeled on a London style blacksmith of the 1800s. The contents of the museum contains all the original tools and machines and testify to the variety of tasks expected of a rural blacksmith. These ranged from fixing wagon wheels to branding cattle.

The shop at the Villa retains its original fittings and takes most visitors back to another century. In the one corner of the shop, visitors can see the original little post office. It was the reason that the Villa was featured on maps, and it played a vital role in linking the community both through postal deliveries as well as functioning as the central telephone exchange.

There are some goods for sale in the shop, including a fully researched history of the Villa.

A detailed and interesting personalised tour of the blacksmith museum and shop is offered to guests at no charge, and the public for R20 a head. A tour takes about 30 minutes.